Our Mission

The mission of Sugar Britches Learning Center is to provide quality well rounded early childhood education. Maintaining a low teacher to student ratio allows us to offer exceptional individual attention, while the fluidity of our daily schedule allows us to foster the unique minds of each individual child.

What Makes Us Different?

Our program is one of the few DHS certified group homes in Mesa! This means we are monitored by the Department of Health Services and must meet state standards and guidelines to teach your children. We take this certification serious and believe it holds us to the highest standard possible for preschool. It is our business to provide your family with a top notch facility as well as loving qualified providers!

SBLC is proud to accommodate up to 10 children in our spacious and inviting facility (my home). We offer a clean, safe and loving home environment where it is our  pleasure to foster the minds and well being of your children. Our program grows with each individual child to provide exactly what their special personality needs to prepare them for elementary education. We pride ourselves on the appropriate balance of social, cognitive, physical and academic education necessary to help strengthen each and every child that we enroll. The most effective way to see if SBLC is for your family is to come take a tour!

Why Are Academics Important?

Investing in your child’s early education is the most important gift you can give them. Having a great work ethic builds a superior foundation that can help every child become a successful human being. Encouraging a child to have a strong academic presence does not obstruct their childhood, but rather provides them with beneficial tools to elaborate their playfulness. Incorporating work ethic and academics in preschool is helping to give your child the well rounded introduction to education they deserve.

The Importance of Child Lead Play.

While SBLC is an academic based program, we do recognize the importance of child lead play. Being able to navigate and explore without a teacher lead agenda is paramount to social and cognitive ability in early childhood. We  encourage our students to master their social behavior in every given opportunity! With the standards expected of kindergartners today, it is important to introduce the appropriate amount of structure and academics during preschool, while always leaving time for kids to be kids!